About Us

Group Mission

We, Vantec, based on the science of logistics aim to continue growing globally, creating added value services using originally developed methodologies.


  • Achieve greater results through a team approach and a workplace that is positive and encouraging
  • A spirit of challenge to support continued corporate and individual development and welcome change without fear.
  • Through passion inspiring excitement in the company we foster pride to create innovative logistics.
  • Think why, think how. Train ourselves to evaluate and quantify facts objectively.


“The Science of Logistics”

The Art of Monozukuri

Honouring our Japanese heritage, we practice and implement many Japanese philosophies and at the heart of them is Monozukuri. Monozukuri is a word unique to the Japanese language and has no direct English translation. Literally it means “the making of something”. However it incorporates not only the development of technology and processes, but is the embellishment of production with creativity, innovation and the art of craftsmanship.


In the traditional context Monozukuri relates to manufacturing, but as a development technique can be applied to any discipline. We rely on the Monozukuri culture within our organization to develop the skills and abilities of our staff and shape their approach to evolve the quality of service we offer our clients. We harbor a collaborative culture between our internal departments, operational levels and externally with clients. This makes us truly unique within our industry and ensures we never employ a “one size fits all” approach to any of our solutions.


How does our Monozukuri affect you, the Client?

 •It ensures we respond to new requirements and develop enhanced solutions based on the client’s Business and Logistical or SCM (Supply Chain Management) requirements.

 •Our Solutions are designed to adapt and be flexible to the client’s demands.

 •Our IT Systems are customized to the clients work flow and can be integrated with their IT applications to form a fully synchronised system.

 •We provide highly knowledgeable staff that strive for continuous improvement and adapt to changes in the business environment and the clients supply chain requirements.

•We venture to improve on every element of our operations, react quickly by staying flexible, create and share knowledge throughout our company.


Vantec believes our clients need a 3PL Partner that will maintain and support all their efforts in improving their business and developing to adapt to emerging technologies, introduce new processes into improving the company’s performance and in extracting value from its Supply Network.